About Arisona Jewellery and Accessories

A journey inspired by nature and culture – authentic and genuine.

AJA was founded by me, Ika Arisona, in 2012. I was born in Java, Indonesia, and have been moving back and forth between Asia and Europe for many years. With my collections I envision to create bonds between Asian and European heritage and culture, and to bring passion and dreams to my jewellery. All items have an individual character and are handcrafted with lots of love to carry the spirit of my life journey.



All jewellery is hand made by me with love and passion. All pieces are unique, and combine techniques such as braided gold-filled wire, or casted silver. I emphasise the use of semi-precious fresh colour stones, as to me, jewellery is a silent piece of soul that witnessed a thousand memories.



My summer and lounge dresses range from pastel to lively, vibrant colours, and are inspired by traditional Indonesian teak wood carving techniques. All dresses are made of 100% cotton and are very comfortable and light, made to wear daily.



The accessory selection features handcrafted pieces made by local designers. They are hand-selected by me during my trips to different south-east Asian countries. The current collection includes traditionally manufactured Batik Sarongs, which come great as dresses, skirts, body wrapping or spa towels. The summer Rattan bags are inspired by the fish buckets of Javanese fishermen, and are lined with Batik fabric on the inside.

Photo Credits
Spring 2014: Marcel Jetzer. Models: Duong, Raquel, Sibylle
Fall 2014: Rock’n’Shoot Photography. Model: Anina Noah Mutter